Eavesdropping Wasn’t A Bad Idea For Once

After I installed Lincoln’s bouquet, I couldn’t help but sit by it for a little bit. It was so nice out and I wanted to look through the photos, but mostly I wanted to see if anyone would notice it. And now I’m writing this post live from the scene as people did notice it and I’m feeling pretty jazzed about it. I sat for probably twenty minutes before anyone even came up to the statue. It was a couple, probably in their mid-twenties, and they circled the statue actually a couple of times before one of them said anything about the flowers. Here is what I heard:

“Look at those flowers, someone must have put them in his hand” -Couple Member #1.

“Oh that’s sweet. I’m going to take a picture”-Couple Member #2

And then they both took pictures!!! Like a lot, from different corners and everything!!!! I was just sitting ten feet from them blushing and nervously writing this post, like they would catch me or something. But it was awesome and made me feel really really good. It was exactly what I wanted, for the projects to just make people happy in even the smallest way. I might leave now because why let any other reactions ruin this, quitting when you’re at the top is acceptable right?


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