Failure Is Fun

Well not often and not really. But a lot of this project has made failure fun. Typing that and reading it sounds nearly oxymoronic but its true. When I was standing up on the Lincoln Statue, holding that flower crown that would essentially never be put to use, I had really failed. I had majorly screwed up by neglecting to ever think about the logistics of installing the piece. I had created something without at all looking into the future or thinking about how it was going to actually become a reality. But in the moment it didn’t feel like that. Looking back, there was no moment where I felt defeated. I just felt strong. I had created something beautiful, climbed up on top of a statue, and I was not going to let a bump in the road get in my way. So I just immediately started thinking of a different route to take. And I ended up figuring out something I think I enjoyed even more than what I had originally planned. When I was standing there, on top of the statue, I didn’t hesitate to just accept my own failure as part of the process. This has grown into a large, more abstract post now, but I just I hope I can soon live my life like that. To be able to create my own goals and agenda and projects and let failure be fun instead of the worst possible outcome. Lately I’ve been feeling scared of the future, but this experience made whats to come seem more welcoming.


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