The Flower Crown (?) Installation

Part of why I wanted to create a flower crown for the Lincoln Statue is that I wanted to have at least one project that required some (semi-) significant installation. It couldn’t be anything that was a illegal or required heavy machinery; I’d get there one day, but now was not that day. So I thought this would be the perfect balance: risky and public but not permanent enough or controversial enough to get me in trouble.

I climbed the Lincoln Statue and honestly felt pretty badass. I pulled myself up on his huge leg, it’s so much bigger that close, and it seemed weirdly metaphoric. Then once I was up there the entire thing seemed much bigger than I had anticipated. Lincoln himself was so tall that even if I did climb up onto the chair behind him I still wouldn’t be able to reach his head. My dad suggested that I try to toss the crown on his head but it was pretty windy and I knew there was no way in would land correctly, so the crown idea had to go. I tried hanging the crown off the toe Lincoln’s shoe that whimsically sticks off of his pedestal, but once again that wind prevented that from working at all. Laying it in front also just looked like a weird tribute and barely artistic in anyway.  Then I saw his hand just in front the chair. I molded the wire frame of the crown around it and created what from my angle looked like some weird flowery mitten or corsage. But I still jumped down to see how it looked and I was so pleasantly surprised. It was a crazy experience and I think I’m going to right separate posts with photos and other commentary, but here is just an update on the general experience!



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