I have always been interested in public art: the motivation, the creation, and the installation processes that go behind the scenes. What does it take to create art that can be touched and interacted with by the public? Is it more difficult than working with the goal of a traditional, gallery presentation, or is it more freeing? These questions combined with my love for crafts and Ms. Kerrigan led me to my senior project: an exploration into site specific art. Site specific art is art in any medium, such as sculpture, painting, or digital imaging, that is intrinsically connected and involved with where it is located; site-specific art exists co-dependently with its environment. For my project, I created pieces of art within this style and installed them around Latin and Chicago.

Oftentimes, site-specific art is fundamentally political and controversial, but I wanted to take a different route with my project. My goal for my pieces was that they instead bring people small moments of joy throughout their day. I think it is easy to get caught up in the mundanity of our routines, so I hope to have created something that can break up that routine in a small, positive way.